True Art

User Rating: 9 | Journey PS3
There is a saying: "still waters run deep".
You know what I mean if you've immersed yourself in Journey. It's not an action game, it's not a puzzle game, it isn't even difficult. You could say it's very easy because you can hold the analog stick to forward, search for some cloth and fly almost unhindered to the end. But it is magnificent in the way the story is told. It's epic in the way you "save" friends. It's wonderful how you come to understand the world of Journey.
For me it's the whole package, the soundtrack, the story, the landscape and the game-play. I just had to see where it took me. I'm currently playing my second play-through and there are still coming pieces of the puzzle coming together.
The only faults I could find is that the game is too short, I would like to know much more from this world. And the price is a bit high.
I don't know if you've played ICO or SotC but for me Journey gives the same experience. Just pure game-art. Let your mind wander with the storyline....immerse yourself in the journey