An experience unlike any other

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
Journey doesnt try to be more than it wants to be. And what it wants to be is a game that will make you feel melancholic, yet pleased in a profound way.

This game, as the name implies, wants to take you in a journey. A journey about discovery of an ancient's civilization's fate, your own people's past deeds and mistakes. No words are spoken, and you have no real voice. The game is all about feelings and impressions.

It's hard to describe exactly what you might feel while playing, since a lot of it resounds on a personal scale. In my case, it brought forth feelings of discovery, of archaelogical exploration and understanding (a thing I love), mixed with an artistically "gourmet" appreciation on the scenery.

Yet another thing the game offers is a companion that is another player which is playing the same part of the game, somewhere in the world. You dont know (and cant know, the "Users met" wont show them) who they are, and their only way of communicating with you is by musical sounds. Yet, you cant help but feel you can clearly understand their concerns, their surprise, their joy, their sorrow. It's all about conection in a deep, core level of mankind.

While short, this is one of the masterpieces of this generation. If you have a drop of humanity left on you, you will certainly appreciate this game.