The Greatest 3 Hours of Gaming You Will Ever Experience

User Rating: 10 | Journey PS3
Going into my review just minutes after I finished the game, I thought "how should I describe the most beautiful game ever made?". I thought "Masterpiece" wasn't good enough, and "Beautiful" wasn't doing it justice, so instead I put "The Greatest 3 Hours of Gaming You Will Ever Experience".

Why do I believe this? Because, if a game has my jaw quite literally dropped the entire time, if it's sheer beauty brings me to tears and if it's game play makes me never want to put it down, it must be the greatest way to spend three hours gaming.

Am I saying that it's the best game ever? No. Of course a 3 hour, $15 download game isn't as good as the huge, epic and sprawling adventures, but if you take 3 hours out of any of the best games of all time, this trumps it.

Previously I thought I'd seen the true extent of video games as an art form with Shadow of the Colossus, but boy was I wrong. Art should make you feel unexplainable emotions, it should send shivers up your spines, and it should amaze and Journey does all of these and then some, wonderfully.

It wasn't until my mouth got dry that I had noticed my mouth was hanging open from the beginning. In the large, sprawling environments scored by the most beautiful/epic music, my eyes got watery and once I held back full on tears. When the camera zoomed out and I realized I could still play at this view distance, shivers shot down my spine.

To all of you complaining about the length/price, stop. When this level of beauty and excitement is at stake, price shouldn't be a concern, especially for a mere $15.

This game is not for everyone, especially those who want just action in their games (though some moments are quite intense), but if you are able to appreciate beauty you will instantly put this game high among your favorites. If you have a PS3, what are you waiting for? Get this. If you don't, here is yet another great reason to get one.