Must be experienced your self to understand the game Wort the Money although its pricey Amazing Soundtrack

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
At first sight Journey would look weird to any one that is not familiar to games from ThatGameCompany but Journey can never be judged by screens or gameplay videos.
Sins it must be played to experiences the game it self.

Journey start in a desert with with no clue who you are and what your goal is except for a big mountain with light coming from its top.
as you wander around trough Journey you will have a great soundtrack in the back that thus a great job for the mood in the right moments in game.
From only blowing wind to a wave of music buzzing from you speakers.
The game starts slowly but wen you started it for 3 minutes you will not be able to put down your Controller till the end.
And that is a good thing sins it was made for a gameplay trough the story from start till the end with out stopping.
This journey trough Journey will give you 2 or more hours if you also play for its trophies, but every minute is worth you money.
As you travel trough the land of Journey you find other players that also travel thees lands.
Thees people cam't talk or chat with you only chirp at you but traveling with them even more fun sins you don't now the real person also playing with you.
There is no load screen for wen thees people join you so wen the appear you can just continue your journey without even paying any attention to them.
The lands of Journey do not only exist of sand there is a under ground destroyed city and a mountain of snow, but i will not go to much in details because i don't want to add spoilers here.
I have experienced this game as a real experience and not just a game like many others, that i will never forget.
Although there can be many discussion about the story like many had with Flower you should not think to much about it and enjoy your own story through Journey.

if i had to give a score to one of my personal favorite games i have played for 2012, i would give it a 9,5

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