Journey is a simple , kind of short game unlike anything you've ever played before. Find out why in this review.

User Rating: 9 | Journey PS3

Throughout the whole game , I had goosebumps. The music , the atmosphere , the shimmering sand , the sequences between each chapter , pretty much everything about Journey is , simply put , amazing. Thatgamecompany did it again , following the success of Flow and Flower. I even shed a tear , and I do NOT do that very often.

Gameplay: You start the game with just one simple tutorial : rotate the camera to look around , that's it. There's no need for any combo moves or such. As the game progress , you will find orbs. You collect those orbs and your cape grows bigger. When you press X you will fly off , fun right? Even funnier if you have a companion with you! While walking in the desert you may suddenly see another person , hurray! That's actually another person playing the game. Here's the catch: There's absoluetly NO way of conversating with each other , and that's what makes this game so special , you can play the game with your partner without saying a word. You can even refresh each other's capes strength by holding down the circle button. The rest is up to you to discover , after all , you don't just walk trough the desert the whole game. Oh right , there's a whole lot of "cloth" creatures on your way too :) .

Graphics: As you may have noted , it looks absoluetly stunning. And that's a fact from the very first second. It's all not sand , sand and sand though , there's "some" ruins , caves , howling winds in your way to the goal. And you'll love every second of it. Journey is , hands down , one of the most beautiful games so far 2012.

From the first moment I saw this game , I knew that I would love it , and you , don't hesitate to buy it. It is worth every cent of your money! I just wished that it would have been a little longer , that's what keeping this game from the perfect score of 10. At any rate , Journey is a fantastic game that should be experienced and remembered for months , years , to come.