A perfect game

User Rating: 10 | Journey PS3
I first heard about Journey from a friend who told me not to watch any videos or screenshots and to just buy and play the game. Well I did exactly that and I wasn't disappointed. Journey is a unique adventure puzzle game that is in a similar genre as Limbo, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. If you liked those games, you're sure to like this one.

Journey is a great sounding, great atmospheric gem that is unlike any game I have ever played. The most interesting part is that the game is relaxing. It's a great game just to watch if you have a friend playing it for you and ideally it should be played in one sitting for the best experience.

You play as a nameless character on a journey through a desert towards a mountain. As you go through the game, you collect pieces of cloth that increase your scarf which enables you to temporarily fly. Flying is pretty much your only power in the game. You can also produce an inaudible shout that you can use to reactivate cloths which open bridges, or free objects that can help you pass obstacles. Sometimes you can team up with other players which is very useful because your teammate can recharge your scarf and show you secrets you may have missed if they are already on repeat playthroughs.

There is a story, but it is very light and is told more through the visuals than words. If you didn't like the how the story was told for example in Limbo, you will probably hate the story in this game too. Most of what you gather about the story is inferred from playing it so don't expect a narrator to explain anything otherwise you're just going to be disappointed.

I really cannot find anything I would change about this game. If there is one complaint I imagine others may have, that would be the game's length. The game is about four hours if you take your time and soak in the sights, but on subsequent breakthroughs you can easily beat it in under an hour.

Unfortunately there really isn't much replay value unless you're a completionist and want all trophies. If interested in replying the game more than once, a warp hub giving you access to all the levels and an upgraded outfit that automatically recharges your scarf becomes available to you. Personally I think the price of admission is worth it considering you get hours of fun for only $15 bucks.

I don't often give games a 10, but I do when I find one that is perfect in every way. I can think of nothing that I would change. In fact I don't even need a sequel. I just want more unique games like this one that continue to tough my imagine.