A great swan song for PS3

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
My game of the year so far and if it is to be bettered then I'll be impressed. Yes, on the face of it, it is slight. There are few such 'high profile' games that are so fundamentally simple to play. And there is no myriad of character perks, just a simple augmentation.
And yet... It is achingly beautiful (I'm not going to spoil it but the 'side-on' section was gorgeous). While it lasts in realtime it is beguiling and compelling, with an elegantly but really very linear signposting throughout.
The mixture of elation and loss when the Journey ended for me and my two hitherto unknown companions was a first for me.

This is the sort of thing I'd like to see given serious mainstream airtime rather than the next COD or GTA, as accomplished as they might be. Shows how games can offer something deeper. I'd be interested to hear Peter Molyneux's take on it tbh, it's got an emotional clout of the game he's always promising in many ways.

I had thought this may become a case of 'The Emporer's New Clothes' but it left me changed and I look forward to my next playthrough to find more of its secrets.