its the best dlc ever it has the perfect music graphics and more! if you have a ps3 you owe it to your self to buy it.

User Rating: 9.5 | Journey PS3
from the start you can experience and explore the magical world that surrounds you
the beautiful music and the beautiful places and you'll know you made the right choice playing it.
you go through different places from the hot desert to the dark caves to the snowy mountain top.
your goal is to get to the mountain top and find its secrets.
the game doesn't have voice acting because it doesn't need to the story is told through a big white character that is showing you pictures and places.
you play as an unknown person discovering the world on his or her or it's mission to get to the mountain top. one of the fun is you can play online without seeing the name tag or talking to whom you're playing with you can only communicate with musical notes which makes it special. you need to cooperate if you wanna move faster and whats even cooler is you can see the name tag of the people you were playing with, at the end of the credits.
the musical score is the best and it will win some awards for sure.
for conclusion buy the game!!! its worth the money if you speed through it it will take you 2-3 hours but you'll come back exploring the world because there enough to see for 10 hours and its worth the money so do yourself a favor and go right now to buy this game. :)