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User Rating: 9 | Journey PS3
This is a rare thing to see these days: A game that comes from the heart. Journey wasn't crafted out of focus groups and Mountain Dew commercials. It wasn't made for the twitch-happy mainstream. Someone gave these guys a budget and thankfully just let them do their thing. What this game stands for in terms of creativity, and freedom of expression for developers (without publisher interference) is enough to make this worth recommending.
But it's a game that sells itself. Forget the politics.

Journey is a short game if you only intend to play through it once. My first time through took me just under 3 hours (with practice I'm sure it could be cut to around 2 hrs.). But there are several good reasons to keep coming back for more.

If you wanted to approach Journey old-school (no online guides), and discover all its secrets it could potentially last you a very long time. The trophy list reveals that there is a hidden desert flower, as well as a "mysterious creature hidden in the temple." Neither of which I have found yet on either of my 2 playthroughs.

There are lots of things to find such as: collecting all the unique glowing symbols across one or more journeys, uncovering all 10 ancient glyphs, and discovering all cloth creatures in the desert. All of which grant trophies for your efforts as well.

Journey is all about reaching the summit of a huge glowing mountain you see far off in the distance. Your trip (and it is a total "trip") starts off in the desert. You will eventually enter a few other areas such as a temple, a sunken city, and a huge underground passage. All of these areas are gorgeous and are a pleasure to explore and experiment with your abilities in. Your character wears a scarf that gets upgraded when you discover new pieces for it. The longer the scarf, the more magic you possess, which means you can fly longer. And that goes a long way to discovering the secrets and collectables hidden in the levels.

Multiplayer consists of you and a completely random stranger, with basically no means of communicating other than a single-note created by your O button. If that sounds crappy, it isn't. It only adds to the mystery and mood of this universe. I highly recommend traveling with someone because you can charge each others magic by touch, helps things move along better than looking for a recharge point all the time. After you finish the game it lists the names of the unique players you interacted with on your Journey, which is a cool little bonus.

Artistically I would say Journey is alot like Shadow of the Colossus. If you enjoyed the mood and atmosphere of that game you will most likely be the type of gamer to fall in love with Journey.

Journey isn't for everyone. But if you want to just chill with a great gaming experience, and get a little lost in it - you've found your game. And don't be afraid of the multiplayer, you won't regret it.