Journey Review

User Rating: 9 | Journey PS3

Journey is absolutely magnificent. It’s basically a “journey” through a very beautiful world full of different types of terrain and seasons and some odd creatures. You play as some type of “being” in a red robe, walking, running and flying through the enchanting world. The simplicity of Journey is what makes it unique. The only audio is music and subtle sound effects. There is absolutely no dialogue or spoken word of any kind.

Journey is well worth its $14.99 price tag. It’s extremely short, but it delivers big, believe me. The buildup to the ending is epic, and having the feeling of accomplishment after going through storms and monsters, is truly rewarding. The gameplay is so simple and easy, but it balances it well with different types of interaction with objects and creatures. You may encounter other beings making the journey alongside you, which happen to be other real players, which I found out after I completed the game. I thought it was very clever, it will even show you the PSN ID’s of those players when it’s all over. The graphics are one of the game’s strongest aspects. The details and textures in the game are simply drool-worthy. It’s a technical achievement in so many ways. It’s some of the best graphics, if not THE best graphics ever seen in a downloadable game for any console.

Overall, Journey delivers on an epic scale. The buildup getting to your final destination is exciting and once you’re there it just feels glorious, it’s very emotional to say the least. More games like this need to be made. It’s so unique, epic, beautiful and rewarding. Games like this don’t come along very often. Journey is money well spent and should be purchased immediately if you haven’t already done so. With stunning visuals, simple controls, mesmerizing set pieces and an overall one of a kind experience, Journey should be praised. This is one “journey” worth taking.