Journey of Truth

User Rating: 9 | Journey PS4

I missed Journey when it first came out, so when i heard it was being re-released for the PS4 this summer I was happy to be able to get a chance to play it based on all the praises it has received, and those praises were well earned.

The gameplay in Journey is pretty simple, and is based on exploring the environment looking for power ups that extend your flight capabilities, which helps you traverse more efficiently. The Graphics in the game are gorgeous and some of the sights you see are mesmerizing, with great detail done with the sand/snow giving this game a polarizing look. The game was smooth as well, and I never noticed any frame-rate issues in my play through. Now the story in Journey is really what puts it together, as you go from area to area, you will unlock more of the context surrounding your "journey" to the top of the mountain, but this is very much a story that you have to piece together and perceive yourself. Once I got to the end of the story and discovered what lied atop that mountain, I felt things inside me that few video games can draw out and that is what makes this a truly special game. I felt Loneliness, wonder, curiosity, all until the end. Journey is a short game, measuring for me at about 4 hrs, but those were 4 hours that I enjoyed immensely. Definitely a must play for PS owners.