My journey

User Rating: 5 | Journey PS4

I held off those years when Journey first came out, I tried the demo and wasn't very impressed and I left it at that. Lets jump to 2015 where Journey comes out on my beloved ps4 and gets a 9 out of ten from a company that is usually stringent on games.(Gamespot) I bought it 14.99 now I wish I had my money back and here is why. I found myself confused as to what the purpose was to play this, I went in with an open mind. Jumping is fun but not in the limited way this game gives it to you, and the only reason its fun is because walking is sooooooo slow! Can I explore? Not really, the sandbox is not all that big it seems so but only because you walk very slowly. It has invisible borders that push you backwards when you get to them. The graphics are good the music is good, I hated the ending and found myself waiting for the big reveal That never happened, who am I ,where did we come from , how do i defeat the evil in this world. So all in all its only a 5 for me.