Why is this game so well rated?

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I have been reading and watching and searching for something that makes people love this game so much, and so far it seems that nothing justifies spending 15 bucks on this, but a huge hysteria fed by gaming sites and a bunch of indie game lovers.

I hated flower, although the premise was interesting, the game was boring as hell. So, if you guys dont mind answering, what made this game a great game for you? The gameplay seems shallow, the game is very short, but some people (not all of them) were praising it like it was the best title of the year.

Could anyone care to explain?

Thank you.

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If you didn't like Flower then maybe you will not like this one.  I have not played Flower but the concept of that game seems simpler than Journey.  I don't think the praise is fake because I love Journey.  I'm just thinking that you might be in the group that doesn't end up happy with the purchase. And yes, if you don't like it you will play it once or twice, 1-3 hours, and go away sad.  If you do like it, like me, you will play it a number of times, 10-15 minimum, and then go back to it every now and then to re-enter and enjoy it's world

Some thoughts:  At it's simplist it is just a journey from point A to point B.  It is abstract so you are left to wonder about many things.  The multiplayer is very interesting in that you can't pick who you meet and you have a very limited ways of getting them to understand you.  It's the kind of game that is designed to be played a number of times and each time you play it your understanding of it changes. 

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Like the guy above me, I loved the game, granted OP I have played Flower as well and had about the same reaction you had but it grew on me. Now with Journey it's more of a personal/abstract adventure game with more a feeling on the emotions of you as the character and the complete mystery of life.

Personally, it's one of the best games I have played in YEARS. I honestly think if you have the extra cash. Take a night off and play it by yourself at night or with the house to yourself.

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Why they love this possibly most overrated game ever? Firstly I wouldn't call it a game because vending machines have more gameplay than Journey.

Well apparently these people fall in to one of these categories:

- they have played so much call of duty that they've forgotten what a half decent game is

- they've never played anything but call of duty

You can replace call of duty with other modern mind and spirit numbing games if you like.

Another theory is that these people think that there is something to 'get' in Journey and they think that they 'get' it, but that is directly connected to my categories stated above.

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it is a peaceful game it has smooth gameplay, and you simply move around in some pleasing sliding fashion around a pretty world listening to an excellent music score there are some cutscenes that bring an element of deeper meaning to the story bit they are not obvious so they leave you thinking about why your avatar is doing the things it is but really, it is just a peaceful experience...you can play the whole thing and then go to sleep calm and happy, not keyed up from running around shooting stuff. it is by no means for everyone, but for some people I think it fits a wonderful little niche
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Its a interesting game that has some great visuals. My overall impression once i was done was, "is that really it?? and how is this game considered GOTY to many editors/gaming sites.

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I dont think the rating for the game Journey is overrated at all. I think all the glory it is recieving is just. Mainly because it is not really a game. And thats what is so special about it. Other games similar like Heavy Rain and Shadow ofnthe Colossus, and even Deus Ex: Human Revolution, I never played because they were fun games, I played because they had something different about them. I dont even like shooting games, but Deus Ex: HR was just different. Journey is just one of those games. 

I find myself talking about Journey much more than I play it, which for a 2 hour game, and spending days talking about it, is definatly something special. 

Honestly if anyone reads this, play Journey, and dont play it as the 'funnest' game ever, but immerse yourself in a world that is different than your own.