Shortcut/Skipping half the game??

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Not sure if this has happened to anyone else or not but it confused the hell out of me. I played through Journey for a second time yesterday and very early on in the game, just after the title where you climb the first hill and look at the mountain you then wander into the area where there are some buildings and I flew up onto the elevated steps and into the temple. Once inside you gradually fill the temple with magic and manage to make your way to the top where you pray at the alter etc.... However, once I'd prayed and went through the exit door at the top of the temple and came the base of the snowy mountain! In my first playthrough there was expansive desert sections and catacombs and an underground section with a sort of 'under water' feel to it before I got the the snowy mountain. I basically managed to skip half the game this time. Is this a glitch or did I inadvertently do something to trigger a shortcut? Has this happened to anyone else?
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This happened to me too! I know this isn;t helpful in terms of finding out if this is a glitch or not BUT it has happened to me also. I skipped straight from the desert to the snow, and can't figure out why :c it's a shame because the desert part has some of the most amazing views. I will be trying to replay it again and see what happens? But its weird because i can't seem to find anyone else having this issue - apart from you and I. 8( Again, sorry because this isn't helpful, but no, you aren't the only one :|