Journey Communication

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Having only just picked up the game, I thought I would ask to see how others communicate while out in the world. 

When I see another player I always give them a big "Hello!" by hitting the circle button. Usually they respond the same way which is really quite nice. I like to try to establish a shorthand of communication with them, to see if they "get it." That way when we get in tight spots I can usually tell them when to wait or go.

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I usually just make some noise to grab their attention. After that they can figure out what I'm trying to tell them by watching my movements or by following me to what I'm trying to show them. It's worked well for me so far. Only really works when the other player is willing to stick together than focus on just moving onward.

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When I see another person I do small excited chirps and do circles around them to show my excitement. I like to make an emotional connection with people who stick together, if someone doesn't introduce themself and just goes along like I'm not even there I usually restart the level and wait for someone who wants company :P

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I do a two press "Hello" and a longer two press for "Thank You".  I *try* to get a code for "yes" (one longist one) and "no" (series of quick ones) when I am playing as a helper but have had mixed success.


I wish I could figure out a way to make someone sit with me for 20 seconds........