A long-forgotten basketball game that requires much finesse to actually accomplish anything.

User Rating: 5.6 | Jordan vs Bird: One on One NES
Jordan vs. Bird is one of those NES titles that hardly anyone remembers. It is pretty much half of a basketball court, where you can do three things:

1.) 3-point shootout

See how many three pointers you can sink.....surprisingly difficult.

2.) Dunk contest

Try your hand at making Jordan do some crazy dunks... also surprisingly difficult.

3.) Jordan vs. Bird one-on-one

Play as Jordan or Bird for a one on one match..... surprisingly difficult thrice.

So as you can tell, for a basketball game, this is pretty darn hard. I spent countless attempts trying to do some of the dunks, but to no avail. That's not to say this game isn't fun, but it could have definitely been tweaked a little better. Also, save your ears and turn the sound off.