Let the inner fashionista in you emerge.

User Rating: 7.5 | Jojo's Fashion Show DS
The aim in this game is simple : Outfit your models correctly using the limited clothing and shoe items available per round, according to the theme displayed ( for example, 70's theme, Rock N Roll, New Wave, Business, hip-hop , etc. ) and the closer to the theme then the more points you get. As you travel the different fashion capitals of the world, accessories to add points in order to wow your audience, are available to you in the later parts of the game. You can get higher points using signature outfits ( outfits you must dress your model in exactly ) and super models power-ups as well.

The storyline here is that Jojo , once a fashion designer icon, along with her daughter Rosalind, are making a comeback to the fashion scene. Jojo's departure from fashion was abrupt and as the story goes on, you must find out why. Claudio Maximo, Jojo's former assistant, plays a key part in this reason.

" Style is hard. Fashion is matter of luck and a good magazine subscription ". - Rosalind Cruces