A simple game that is worth the try if you like fashion puzzle-like games.

User Rating: 8 | Jojo's Fashion Show PC
If you like fashion games where you dress models under a time limit and score points as you send them out to the runway, you'll probably enjoy this game. You follow the story of Jojo, and famous fashion designer, as she makes her comeback in the fashion industry with her daughter.
There are two modes: Runway mode, and Dress up mode. In runway mode, you follow the story plot. As Jojo makes her way through various fashion events, you are given one, two, or three models starting in their underwear, each with a category: Summer, Winter, Western, Bridal, etc. There are much more categories than that, but I just listed some that you will be exposed to in the beginning. Your job is to pick clothes out of your wardrobe to match the category that you receive. If you match well, you will score good points. Some models have power-ups attached to them, such as a mixer, which mixes the clothes in your wardrobe, auto-dresser, which automatically dresses your model in the best way possible with the clothes available, point-revealer, which will show you how many points each piece of clothing will contribute to each category, and many more power-ups. These and many more factors will contribute to bonus points: matching clothing, sending consecutive models out without adding new clothes, sending consecutive models out from the same category, using accessories, and more.
As you make your way through Runway mode, you will unlock new pieces of clothing that will be available in Dress up mode. In Dress up mode, you are given a model for which you can select the hair color, face, skin tone, etc. for, and you can dress her up in any way you want using the clothes that you unlocked. There is also a button for you to click which will save the image of your model in your computer.
Overall, I would say that this game is worth it. It's a really simple puzzle game, but satisfying nonetheless. If you are into fashion, try it out. I believe there are demos for this game all over the internet.