John Romero's Daikatana Cheats For PC

  1. Level Codes

    Use one of the following entries with the "changelevel" or "map" codes.

    Effect Effect
    E2M4A Acropolis 1
    E2M4B Acropolis 2
    E2M4C Acropolis 3
    E2M4D Acropolis 4
    E2M4E Acropolis 5
    E4M1A Alcatraz 1
    E4M1B Alcatraz 2
    E4M1C Alcatraz 3
    E2M3A Athens 1
    E2M3B Athens 2
    E2M3C Athens 3
    E4M2A Beneath the Rock 1
    E4M2B Beneath the Rock 2
    E2M2A Catacomb 1
    E2M2B Catacomb 2
    E2M2C Catacomb 3
    E1M4A Crematorium 1
    E1M4B Crematorium 2
    E1M4C Crematorium 3
    E3M5A Crypt of Nharre 1
    E3M3A Dungeon 1
    E3M3B Dungeon 2
    E3M3C Dungeon 3
    E3M6A Gharroth's Throne 1
    E1M6A Icelab 1
    E1M6B Icelab 2
    E1M6C Icelab 3
    E2M5A Lair of Medusa 1
    E2M5B Lair of Medusa 2
    E2M5C Lair of Medusa 3
    E2M5D Lair of Medusa 4
    E2M5E Lair of Medusa 5
    E2M1A Lemnos Isle 1
    E2M1B Lemnos Isle 2
    E2M1C Lemnos Isle 3
    E1M1A Marsch 1
    E1M1B Marsch 2
    E1M1C Marsch 3
    E4M4A Mishima Labs 1
    E4M4B Mishima Labs 2
    E4M4C Mishima Labs 3
    E4M5A Mishima's Hideout 1
    E3M2A Passage 1
    E3M1A Plague Village 1
    E3M1B Plague Village 2
    E3M1C Plague Village 3
    E1M5A Processing 1
    E1M5B Processing 2
    E4M6A S.E.A.L. Training Center 1
    E4M6B S.E.A.L. Training Center 2
    E1M2A Sewer System 1
    E1M2B Sewer System 2
    E1M3A Solitary 1
    E1M3B Solitary 2
    E4M3A Tower of Crime 1
    E4M3B Tower of Crime 2
    E4M3C Tower of Crime 3
    E1M7A Vault 1
    E1M7B Vault 2
    E3M4A Wyndrax Tower 1
    E3M4B Wyndrax Tower 2

    Contributed by: Llamaman2 

  2. Cheat Codes

    To use the Daikatana cheat codes, start the game with the command line parameter as +set console 1

    When in the game, press ~ to bring up the console and type in your desired code.

    Effect Effect
    weapon_give_1 Add Weapon 1
    weapon_give_10 Add Weapon 10
    weapon_give_2 Add Weapon 2
    weapon_give_3 Add Weapon 3
    weapon_give_4 Add Weapon 4
    weapon_give_5 Add Weapon 5
    weapon_give_6 Add Weapon 6
    weapon_give_7 Add Weapon 7
    weapon_give_8 Add Weapon 8
    weapon_give_9 Add Weapon 9
    sensitivity X Adjusts mouse sensitivity, where X is the value preferred (menu only allows upto 20).
    bind [key and command] Binds command to key
    boost all Boost Attributes
    cam_nextsidekick Camera focuses on next sidekick
    timescale [#] Change game speed, 1.0 is default
    cheats 0 Disable All Cheats
    cheats 1 Enables cheats (requires a map reload or game start).
    sv_aiwander 1 Enables more advanced AI (i.e. Enemies will swarm, open doors, etc.)
    gl_ztrick 1 Enables seeing through walls.
    cam_nextmon Focus Camera on Next Enemy
    weapon_give_gashands Gives the player "The Ultimate Gashands" weapon (only works on Episode 1).
    god God Mode
    boost acro Increase acro
    boost attack Increase attack
    health 1000 Increase Health by 1,000
    health 1000000 Increase Health by 1,000,000
    health 10 Increase Health by 10
    health 10000 Increase Health by 10,000
    health 100 Increase Health by 100
    health 100000 Increase Health by 100,000
    boost power Increase power
    boost speed Increase speed
    boost vita Increase vitality
    g_unlimited_ammo 1 Infinite Ammo
    notarget Invisibility
    massacre Kill All Enemies
    map [level name] Level select
    noclip No Clipping
    rampage Rampage
    connect [server] Select game server
    screenshot Take a Screenshot
    cam_toggle Toggle Camera
    flushmap [0 or 1] Toggle clean map load
    r_drawflat [0 or 1] Toggle flat-shaded polygons
    developer [0 or 1] Toggle game engine messages
    gl_polylines [0 or 1] Toggle line drawing
    r_speeds [0 or 1] Toggle rendering speed display
    r_fullbright [0 or 1] Toggle surface lightmaps

    Contributed by: Mike Truitt, PiIsARational, Starky27 

John Romero's Daikatana Cheats For Nintendo 64

  1. Cheat Codes

    Enter the codes at the Mission Name screen:

    Effect Effect
    C-left, C-down, C-right, C-up, Z, L, R, C-left, C-down, C-right, C-up All Weapons
    C-up, C-right, C-down, C-left, R, L, Z, C-up, C-right, C-down, C-left Level Select

    Contributed by: SKY 

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