joe and mac is my favorite game on the snes and is even much better than super mario world.

User Rating: 9.6 | Joe & Mac: Tatakae Genshijin SNES
Joe and mac is an awsome game and the funnest game on the snes defenetly, italmost makes me cry when I think about it because I don't have it anymore. Joe and mac is a long fun game where you can play two player cooperative and it's even better that way. In Joe and mac your two cave men named Joe and Mac.

Gameplay: The gamplay in Joe and mac is really fun and simple, if you play cooperative you'll be fight over what me and my brother called the stone wheels, it's the best weapon in the game.

Graphics:The graphics are very good for a super nintendo game and has some of the best graphics of any super nintendo game.

Sound: The sound is great in joe and mac, theres a suprisingly large amount of different sounds in this game.

Value: This game is very dated and extremlly rare, when I mean rare I mean I only ever had one. But if you can find it , Id buy it for at least $20. And a snes for atleast $50.