Jill of the Jungle Cheats For PC

  1. Control Jill during the ending sequence

    Once Jill reaches the mushroom grove and is about to jump up towards the apple, hold down [right]. Instead of jumping up as normal, Jill will freeze for a second then jump to the right. You now have control of Jill. Unfortunately you can't leave the grove (and there doesn't seem to be a way to control her earlier) but this does allow you to actually get the apple (and another 12 points) by jumping around the level-ending point just below the apple, instead of the game ending before you get it, as happens when Jill is not under your control.

    Contributed by: RocketJess 

  2. Codes

    Effect Effect
    During a level, press 'x' three times. Invincibility from enemies

    Contributed by: Nunya 

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