Buiding spaceships and killing aliens all while cruisin on my Jetpac.

User Rating: 8 | Jetpac Refuelled X360
Jetpac is a revisioned version of the 1983 classic. Not only does this game include the new, beautfiul version of Jetpac, but it also includes the original arcade version. Or as we like to call it, the "retro" version. In Jetpac, the goal is simple; fly around gathering your spaceship parts, piece em together, get the gas, and get the hell outta there. How do you accomplish this? Well with your handy Jetpac of course. You fly around and get the things you need all while blasting the inhabitants. You'll get weapon upgrades as well as bombs that help you destroy your enemies. You also have online multiplayer where you and a buddy will race to see who gets their ship off the ground first, which turns out to be just as addicting as the single player. The only main drawback of this game is the lack of variety in the levels, especially in multiplayer. But this is only a minor complaint. I was extremely proud to see how well of a job Rare did remaking this game. And on top of that, they were generous enough to let you have the game for only 400 points ($5.00). Screw buying lunch, and use that 5 bucks for this game instead.