Long and difficult - but fun

User Rating: 7 | Jetpac Refuelled X360
I have always been a fan of re-made classic games so I opted in immediately when I saw Jetpac coming onto arcade. I downloaded the demo and had a decent time (fairly short and easy).

After getting the full version, this is where you get exposed to the punishing difficulty of the game. In the demo, it doesn't allow you to get far enough to experience the full-screen filled with bad guys with nowhere to move joy.

The game overall is good. It's got a nice touch of modern day graphics with the joy of vintage Jetpac. I have never beaten the game and don't think I ever will. There are just too many levels. I come back to it now and then but it's not the type of game you can play constantly as it is a fairly repetitive game overall.

My 2 cents