a stupid game indeed

User Rating: 5.5 | Jetpac Refuelled X360
'tis a quite stupid game indeed. it's an arcade style. you have this little dude with a jetpack and a laser. you have to fly to get little pieces and bring them together to build a rocket. when the rocket is built then you need to collect some fuel. once you got all of the fuel then the rockets red glare and you beat the level. regular mode has 128 levels. retro is old fashioned and has sixteen levels i prefer regular style. it is a pretty difficult game i can't get passed level 8. it's a pretty dumb. game and has cool music too.
yiu have to kill these little villains who kill you if you get hit by them. there are some little squid guys (make in into fried calamari). then there are these guys who look like Christmas tree bulbs. you can use a big bomb but you only get 2 so use them wisely.all in all it's just too difficult.