JGR is one of the finest games on the Dreamcast with it's great soundtrack, perplex cel graphics, and spraypaint cans.

User Rating: 9.1 | De La Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast Direct) DC
:Good Idea:
·The cel shaded graphics are excellent. Besides being behind a good graphics engine, the game maintains a steady framerate and still produce massive environments to roam through.
·The soundtrack is one of the best soundtracks ever in gaming history. It has everything from J-pop to hard rock to hip-hop.
·You can download custom graffiti online via 56k modem and use that in game. That's cool.
·The game is really hard to put down, which is kinda rare for a game like this. You want to finish because as cheesy as the game is, it makes you feel cool.

:Bad Idea:
·Dragula back during this time was such an overplayed song. Again, with the Zombie!!!
·Story is a bit on the lame side. But it stays true to the underground world of being a 'gangster punk'.

·Jet Grind Radio just corroborates the fact that the Dreamcast wasn't dead and had a few more years left before it kicked the bucket.