THE Third Person shooter on the N64.

User Rating: 9.4 | Star Twins N64
This game is perhaps one of the most underrated, under-appreciated, under-bought games on the N64, and that's probably why it never saw a sequel. Which is tragic, really, because there were so many ways that a sequel could have been made, and no doubt a second game would have been just as phenomenal as the first. Jet Force Gemini dared to be bold, by not only trying a new formula on a system full of platformers and racing games(the 64), but also by combining multiple genres into one game(which is usually a recipe for disaster), and doing it well.
The game's graphics are excellent, lacking in only a few backdrop applications(the walls of the forest, for example). The effects of the weapons are truly to be marveled at. Everything from the color and speed of the pistol blasts to the sheer conveyance of raw power which emanates from the Tri-Rocket Launcher displays a graphical ability and attention to detail seldom seen in 1999, and most certainly not on the N64.

Many consider Jet Force Gemini to be one of Rareware's greatest acheivements, as well as their best title on the N64. Taking into acount JFG's graphics, gameplay, characters and story, this is not an unlikely possibility.
JFG's only drawback is that it never saw a sequel, but with any luck, and in light of the ressurection of Perfect Dark on the Xbox 360, perhaps another JFG, or at least a game like it, is not so unlikely a possibility.