It was one of the best games of it's time in my opinion

User Rating: 10 | Star Twins N64
Jet Force Gemini, released in 1999-2000 on the nintendo 64, back then when rare wasn't owned by microsoft, PS1 and N64 were duking it out for supremecy and dreamcast in reality was actually raining supreme. Rare made a game that would was in my opinion the best game of all time for the N64.

This game was epic. There was a lot of content crammed into that tiny catridge. The gameplay was simple, fun, and amazing, the graphics at the time were excellent. Infact this game was( prepare for fan boy rant) better than HALO!!!. Come on, i mean how often do you get to play as a dog rampaging around with a machine gun blowing up baddies, plus the dog could fly, The gameplay was composed of adventure plattformer/shooter at its best. Plus game came with something that only some games could provide at the time co-op and multiplayer.
ANYwho, story goes that you are Juno with your twin sister Vela( im not making this up), and your faithful pet Lupus are patrolling the galaxy for danger, you pick up a distress signal from another planet, suddenly you are attacked by the enemy known as the drones(alien bugs), and you have no choice but to bail. you play as three characters with seperates campains, you unlock these campains by playing each others campains of course there are extras, minigames, sidequest and cheats to unlock, traveling on a large map of their galaxy and music score to top it off no wonder this game was that good. The only bad thing was that you couldn't skip certain cut-scenes like when your ship is landing on another planet or ship .There is another thing this game was exceptionally HAAARRDD, which was good thing. I enjoyed a challenged.
Exploding bug blood&guts, vairety of weopons and tools, my favorite was the machine gun, because of the splatter effect. this game was plain fun. I receomend that you go to a store that still sells this stuff , buy a N64 and play this game, it is that good . oh and this game truely desreves a remake or sequel, I would be even happy with a xbla hd version