Greatest 3rd person shooter on the 64.

User Rating: 9.4 | Star Twins N64
At the time this game came out, I wasn't a big sci-fi fan, so my bro picked up this one. I must say however, that as far as th 64 went, this is one of my favorites. The controls feel strange at first, if you havent played many 3rd person shooters, but when you get used to them, this game rocks. The story revolves around two siblings, twins, and their suped-up dog as they fight a tyranical despot who wants to controll the galaxy. A tad cliche it seems, but the story does get deeper. The gameplay is solid. You'll rarely feel like you've suffered a cheap death, tho' sometimes it gets pretty hard. Also, there are tons of unlockable items for the multiplayer; mostly skins and maps. The multiplayer arenas tend to be small, so battles are fast and furious. All in all, with a decent story, and solid gameplay, this game goes as a clasic 64 game.