This is probably one of the most challenging games you will ever play, and its loads of fun.

User Rating: 9 | Star Twins N64
First ill start ou with the graphics, sound, and storyline. The graphics in this game are pretty darn good for a Nintendo 64 game, and you dont even really pay attention to the graphics due to the huge challenge the game gives you, and something I really liked about this game was that you dont get fustrated so easily like some other games where youl chuck the controler at the tv. The sound track was quite good it suited the levels and that satisfying screem when you blow off a aliens head just made the game feel more real. The storyline was kind of shallow I didnt really pay attention to it that much because i liked the game play but it wasint to bad.

The gameplay was very good it presented a real challenge and it is very fun to see the aliens green guts splatter everywhere when you toss a grenade at em. One thing I really enjoyed about this game was that when you die you get a continue (about 3 of them) and you restart the level but the aliens that you killed will stay killed Unless you use all your continues up. Theres a huge variety of weapons I would have to say that the machine gun is my favorite due to the ammount of damage it can do to a hoard of alien bugs, but the sniper rifel too is very powerful as well its a one shot kill usually.

So in conclusion i give this game a 9/10 its really worth owning and i strongly recomend it to anyone who likes shooters. I myself emulated this game (since its free) and enjoy it very much. Well thanks for reading and goodbye.