My 2nd RPG game ever. So here is my review.

User Rating: 7 | Jeanne d'Arc PSP

Now that I am a lil more familiar with the RPG genre, picking up and going into this game was not that hard. The gameplay took some adjusting to, the way you have to move the players into attack position took a little getting used to. The last RPG I played was not set up like this Jeanne D Are game. Although I am in it for the story, this game involves so much grinding to move on, so I keep forgetting parts of the story because of all the grinding to move on. I have put in like 14 hrs already and I am only in the 3rd chapter, not sure how many chapters are in the game, but so far I have like 11 people on my team, but I only know like 4 people, the other folks so far are just some people that randomly joined your team & journey. I am grinding grinding so I can move on. The game has an interesting style of cut scenes where they are animated like an anime flick....Ill be back with more review once I progress more.

Part 2.

Ok so I have not beaten the game yet I am in chapter 6. It has grown on me a bit, now that I am more used to the game play and the over all feel of upgrading. It takes a lot of grinding to level up in this game. I still say there is way too many characters on your team/squad, some characters are starting to really be important and others are just there to take up space. The dialog of some of the french dudes are hard to understand...they even spell the subtitles the same way they say it, which they should not have done. The Plot has definitely become better than the slow start at the beginning.I also have to say I like the animated cut scenes. The game is actually very linear and you have to travel on a set path to get around. Nothing really extra on the side, just grind, level up and follow the objectives. Would I recommend this game to an RPG fan? Yea probably but only to an RPG fan. I would not recommend this game to someone who has not played one before. Visuals are normal nothing OMG like. My first score was a 6.0....but I will now change it to a 7.5. Pick this game up if you looking for a RPG that you have not played yet. Peace