Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Cheats For PC

  1. Birds Galore

    To recieve multiple birds at the same time in a level:

    At the BEGINNING of the level, face the opposite direction from which you go (a.k.a wall). Type ''jjbird'' (as in the cheat) multiple times in a row. Every time the bird leaves and comes back, it will bring the previous ones along with it. So, if you type ''jjbird'' 50 times, you would have 25 birds following you.
    Note- If you get hurt once, all the birds leave.

    Contributed by: magicmanfk 

  2. Cheat Codes

    Effect Effect
    jjguns All Guns
    jjshield All Shields
    jjending Ends the game
    jjfly Flying
    jjammo Full ammo + all gunpowerups
    jjcoins Get 20 Coins
    jjbird Get the Bird
    jjfire Gives you a fastfire
    jjgod Invincibility (and All Gun Powerups if entered after All Guns code)
    jjinv Invincibility Power-Up (without all guns)
    jjlight Light Up dark areas
    jjmorph Morph into Spaz, Jazz, Bird or frog
    jjnowall Pass through obstacles
    jjpower Power-Up
    jjq Quits the game
    jjrush Sugar Rush
    jjkill Suicide
    jjnext Warp to Next Level

    Contributed by: King Weasle, xbox22, ironyisntdead, Bludjinni, adamadam1110, vongalk, HungryHomer 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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