An ok game that have of been better

User Rating: 4 | Jaws Unleashed PS2

When I first got Jaws Unleashed I was really happy with it, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts about the game.Jaws Unleashed is really repetitive, especially after you have beaten the game. It starts out being pretty fun but after playing the game for awhile it starts to get a little dull. Some of the missions are pretty hard with avoiding bombs/mines, battling large ships that are firing missiles and other explosive stuff at you, and fighting tough bosses like the killer whale. And sadly, once you're done you're done. You can't replay any of the missions you did and all you do is destroy ships and eat people and fish which after a while starts to get boring. I'm really disappointed with the game, it could have been better. Jaws Unleashed is an ok game, but I suggest renting this game instead of buying it.