Something to do when you have nothing else to play.

User Rating: 7 | Jaws Unleashed XBOX
I have been waiting this for this title to hit the store shelves since E3 05. The concept and the back story is all there but it just really lacks in control.

First you go through a 2 part Tutorial and then Jaws is captured and taken to Sea World, where you must escape and to do so you have to fight a Killer Whale (Not Samu) at the end to unlock the gate to the outside of the Island of Amittyville.

After all that you are pretty much a free roaming shark to eat, harass swimmers, and destroy boats all around the Island.

The graphics for this game are not up to par but the fun part is being Jaws and eating people. The cut scenes of the story line are terrible and the graphics do not due the character models justice.

But who cares about cut scenes you came to eat people.

The story and missions are not that long, but you can terrorise the Island forever. The controls really got to me and I still haven't mastered then after eating 80 people and destroying over 100 boats and playing through most of the missions.

I don't recommend buying this game, But you should definitely rent this one since there really isn't that many new games out right now.

I'm gonna give this one a very lazy 7. This game should have came out 2 years ago.