User Rating: 2 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
In Jaws Unleashed you play as Jaws who must kill fish, humans, and other living things. Jaws is very hard to control and this becomes a problem when you are trying to eat enemies and when trying to attack enemies in cages. Jaws also needs to be occasionally fed or he will die. As Jaws you can bite enemies and ram them usually spreading blood everywhere. You can also sank boats or take a victim right of the boat by jumping over it and biting. Your enemies may try to swim away if you don`t catch them in time. Lots of the missions are very annoying like having to kill a enemy in a cage or killing some seals. You also learn new moves over time like a tail whip. In some cases you have to jump out onto the beach and catch your target and then you have to wiggle back to the ocean before the time runs out. This game is bad and I can`t imagine recommending this to anyone.