Ultradumb game full of bugs and glicthes

User Rating: 1.8 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
This game is bad. The graphics, sound, gameplay everything. Starting with the gameplay. The camera movment is beyond terrible. You often get stuck between rocks or stuck in the sand and you have to restart the system. The graphics are even worst. The shark might look pretty but everything else in the game is just UGLY. The people look like dolls and the fish look fake and unrealistic. You get ugly, choppy screams that sound fake, good music though, and the nice water sounds that it makes. But other than that, bad voice acting with bad cutscenes.

KIlling people gets old, killing the same person all the time, sinking boats over and over is Blah. It gets old fast.

Do not buy this game, it is bad, bad and full of bugs and glicthes and bad camera movement.

THE GOOD: Your a shark

THE BAD: Camer movement, graphics, controls, the sound, and all the bad glitches in between