Worth playing but not buying

User Rating: 5 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
This game couldve been awesome. Its a great idea to play as a shark and being the bad guy.However thats the only good thing about the game. First off the story is from Jaws 1,2,and 3. But you would feel like skiping the scenes instead of watching them. Who needs story anyway? I wanna chomp some people. The first problem youll have is the controls. The way Jaws moves is slow and frustrating.When you bite you would think of him just snapping his mouth but no. He moves foward and bites. The camera is the worst thing about this game. If you swim towards the surface the camera will flip up above the water and all you see is the dorsal fin of Jaws. You wont be able to see enemies that are attacking you and the camera takes about a full second or more for it to flip back underwater. The mission objectives are lame and are 5 year old to come up with. For example, you are stuck in an aquarium and the gate to the entrance is closed. You might think that you should just charge at it and itll break but no. Jaws must drag a scientist to a card reader and the gate will open. Whats the point of that? Another one is that you must launch some torpedoes from your mouth to destroy a refinery. Is he supposed to be a shark or a battleship? Anyway, this game may be fun the first time you play it but eventually you will play it less and less. Saving your money is recommended. If a friend or anyone gives it to you then you can take it if you want(as long as you dont buy it).