I'm a shark! I'm a SHAAAARK! Suck my claspers! I'M A SHARK! This delightful tune sums up Jaws Unleashed.

User Rating: 5 | Jaws Unleashed PC
When I was a kid I was fascinated by sharks, they were cool animals, animals that killed things, that made no compromises, and caused reckless destruction for no reason. At least according to Jaws they did. As I grew older sharks began to lose their appeal, I learned about them, their typically non-violent behavior, exploration bites, and basically was disappointed to find they were just a really cool looking fish. Then Jaws Unleashed comes along, a game about a shark who does one thing and one thing only. Causes mayhem for apparently no reason.

Lets break down why this game is so amazing.

So you're this abnormally large shark that comes across this tropical tourist trap of an island. Soon after you are captured and taken to an aquarium. There's college kids, marine biologists, and fishermen everywhere. You're a shark on a mission, a mission to kill everything you see. Why? Because you're a shark. The cool kind of shark. If you go into Jaws Unleashed expecting a plausible narrative ask yourself this: I'm playing a game where I am a shark that seemingly contradicts natural shark behavior, do I really want any more plot than that? The answer: no..no you don't. You've got a narrative with 3000 plot points at any given time, it's called your mouth and those plot points are teeth. Get ready to bust out of that aquarium and rip, tear, and devour your way through a few simple missions.

The visuals are passable and completely suit the style of the game. The shark moves beautifully and has excellent animation. People can be ripped apart at several different locations, blood and intestines fill the water, seals and other sharks can be ripped apart, and the water is decently rendered.

Ok I'll just stop, there's no need to explain this with a lengthy review. Jaws Unleashed is a game where you play an extremely violent shark whose goal in life is to kill everything he sees. There is a lot of gore, a lot of things to kill, and a shark who just longs to be accepted for the choices he makes. If you think sharks are cool, buy this game. If you don't, why would you even consider it? Start watching Shark Week, read a book on sharks, and become a normal human being.