Jaws Unleashed! Play it before you go swimming…

User Rating: 8 | Jaws Unleashed PC
Jaws Unleashed is a game based on the legendary movie Jaws (1975). While the shark was foe in the movie it sure isn't a foe in this game, where you are the SHARK! That's right the player gets to be the great white and has to chomp everything down that stands in the way. For a game this concept is really original, I mean come one folks I know GTA has the free roaming aspect to it, but Jaws Unleashed lets you be the freaking shark! No other game has ever delivered such an experience. And while people may dislike this concept it may even sound stupid to those who can't se anything fun in it, but it surely is something unseen and has to be tried.

Game play & Graphics:
Now it should be clear to everybody what sort of game this is. For beginners the controls are perfectly stable, a surprise when you compare the (PC) version with the console versions it is a hell of an improvement. The mouse function is meant for the underwater slaughter with a sensitivity tweak it helps to manoeuvre the killing-machine with ease and the WASD controls are there to provide a solid movement if you have something in your mouth and want to kill it or throw with it, which by the way is really funny. The beautifully animated shark flows perfectly with the beautiful, and rich detailed underwater environment this gives a good chance for the player to explore the huge underwater world that contains a huge variety of sea life, this is a HUGE plus for the game. No getting stuck in the scenery here, although this has been improved in the (PC) version everyone who tries to stick his nose up a whole in the sunken ship in the tutorial has to get stuck, but it is pretty easy to get out of that one. actually it is easy to get out of any stuck-situation. The draw distance in the water is short, but on the surface the draw distance is much better! You can even see objects or boats from a far distance if you travel near the surface. The gamedevelopers have doen this in a cleaver way making the situation underwater more realistic, and lets be honest who the hell can see beyond 10 - 15 meters in water? So no problem with draw distance in this game. The camera works fine and follows the shark at all time, when killing something it may not move to the mouth, in which point I am not completely sure if the second camera mode provides the free camera option or not. The first two camera modes are really alike? The third one is a first person view. OH boy it is really hard to attack precisely with this one, if not impossible! But the first person view is fantastic at the same time if you are just swimming around in the ocean exploring or lurking beneath some people who are swimming it really adds to the experience it's like DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH! In the first person view, you know what I mean. As far as the story missions go it is really fun to complete them, when they all are completed though you start to regret that they didn't make more story based missions. Therefore the side missions give more content to the game, when completing a side mission you can complete it again just in a harder mode. There are all sorts of collectibles for JAWS to collect this is also a way of ensuring that you explore every little corner of the Jaws Unleashed universe. Oh the killing, the killing, the killing, and destruction in this game is really the centre of game play. The option to shred human beings into 25 disconnections is a pure brutal reality, these animations are pretty good, and the detail is mediocre, the humans themselves are not highly detailed but it is enough to satisfy. As for what is highly detailed then it has to be the guts hanging out of your human prey when you chop them in half. The target lock and shark vision is helpful at times. As for the destruction of objects it does a fairly good job. All in all the game delivers what it is supposed to deliver and it does that with style. Also when playing you earn points that you can use to upgrade some of the sharks attributes such as: Speed, Power, Accuracy, Health, and Hunger. Also when upgrading JAWS learns new moves that can be used on your victims.

To be honest I think the sound is the weakest point in the game. The underwater sounds are fine as they are, but immediately when you reach the surface something goes wrong it is no longer authentic. As far as the human screaming goes it is ok with me, but the amount of different lines that your victims can deliver could have been improved. "I don't want to die!" & "Where is it!" are fine but when repeated for a few time they are irritating. But luckily there are more lines, but not so heavily repeated as the two ones above.

All in all Jaws Unleashed for (PC) is worth buying. It suffers less (If not at all!) from problems seen on the consoles, and delivers a stunning and interesting game play. The game does not get old, there is always something to explore, and kill! That is the sole purpose of this game, and that is to entertain. The higher the resolution you set the better the overall look it will give, I play the game in 1280 X 1024 resolution and it flows beautifully. SO don't believe the hype, people bad mouth this game too much. I think this game deserves a chance to make up for the console versions and to deliver many hours of none stop fun. No matter in which mood you are in, when you play Jaws Unleashed and swim freely around it relaxes you, then comes the ripping part of human flesh… That could be relaxing... But NO its awsomme!

To install this game on Vista/Win 7 insert the install disc and open CMD.

Then type this into CMD:

: msiexec /qb /i D:default.msi TARGETDIR="C:Programs (x86)Majesco Entertainement"

Note, exclude (x86) if you are running a 32 bit OS