A game with plenty of glitches, absurd storyline and poor graphics,yet it's hard to shake the feeling that it's fun.

User Rating: 7.5 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
Ever since Jaws leapt onto the big screen in 1975, beach-goers everywhere have been terrified of jumping into the ocean for an early morning skinny-dip. But in this 2006 video game based on said movie, players can play as the titular shark and terrorize beach-goers all over again!

One of many sandbox games to be birthed out by various develpoers over the next few years, Jaws: Unleashed allows virtually unrestricted access to the waters of Amity Island and, like Grand Theft Auto, killing enough people alerts the authorities (in this case the coast gaurd) who will susequently chase you down.
Eating people can be immensly satisfying and there is a huge variety of combos available to effectivley take out your foes whether they be man, boat, plane, giant squid or another shark although it is hardly likely you will remember all the moves you unlock. However unlike other sandbox games, killing enemies is not only amusing, but necessary. Failing to eat victims will result in Jaws starving to death, adding a touch of realism at the cost of freedom. Another touch of realism is added by the fact Jaws drowns if he stays still long enough, again removing some freedom.
However what realism is there get's dashed away when you go on a madcap adventure to destroy evil corporate developers, shark hunters, marine biologists and mean looking seals. You adventures lead you to an underwater trench, an aquarium, a bunch of sea mines and pretty much anywhere under 2 inches of water.

Now, this game, as interesting and original as the concept may be, this is partially let down by the games poor graphics, even for a now out-dated console, as well as bad camera aimage and glitches that plague the game from time to time. Even loading screens are common and they sure like hanging around, however they do try their best to keep you occupied by showing interesting bits of trivia on the making of the original movie down the bottom, which is a good thing because if you leave the room and the loading finishes, your shark could drown, bringing up another loading screen in the process.

So all in all this is a halfway decent game, highly worthy of renting over the summer holidays and playing with some buddies.