The potential was there but in the end they blew it

User Rating: 4 | Jaws Unleashed XBOX
I remember reading such negative reviews about this game and I thought to myself how can playing as a humongous shark in a (pretty decent sized) sand box environment and just eating things and pure carnage be bad?...well its pretty bad


The story plain and simple you are a massive shark and came back to Amity Island to stir up trouble for the locals and eat people..


This is where they blew it completely this was where the game was a complete and total let down lets start with only one or two positives of the game its a pretty decent sized sandbox game and has a nice sense of depth to the environment and creatures (when I first saw a whale I freaked out over how big it was) and the first couple of minutes its fun to silently sneak up and eat people or destroy small fishing vessels but then the fun stops

Now being a GTA clone starring a evil shark the missions are what destroy the game and then set it on fire then throw a acid filled vial on top of it the missions are the stupidest things in the world let me give you an example

The first mission you are captured in a aquarium...ok so far its ok they locked you in a special tank with very little moving room now I thought I had to use my brute strength to get out (I mean I am a shark) instead you have to pick up a scientist(with a keycard) in your mouth and swim with him in ur mouth and move his hand over the sensor to get out..and the missions get worse ohh much worse

Another one is you come to ruin some teenager's party (because you hated your teenage years in shark school? idk there is no explanation) so then these hillbillies come onto a bridge and throw barrels filled with gasoline that are on fire on you once again being a shark I though that I could ram the bridge...nope instead (I kid you not) you have to catch the barrels in your mouth and throw it back at them

Now besides the horrible missions the camera is horrible trying to throw a barrel with the camera is the most difficult (and stupid) thing in the world to do and the controls are just not that great it is very difficult to control the shark especially when getting attacked by creatures or humans


The graphics are ehh the shark looks good the people look horrible and blocky (think GTA vice city pedestrians with less polish) underwater looks horrible just a blue screen really you


Once again not much here the people scream when you bite them or bring them underwater with you and I guess that's all you can hope/ask for


The first hour (mostly) is fun, fun to sneak up on a person and drag them underwater, can launch people, feel like a super steroid shark, nice sense of depth, a pretty decent sized world


Missions are horrible, camera, controls, not that engaging, some side missions are very repetitive and impossible, once again the missions are horrible, stupid play mechanics (throwing barrels) just made for a quick cash-in on the name


Overall the game misses the point of being a overly powered shark instead you have a highly intelligent shark with super powers (can beach himself and jump and ridiculous speeds) just stay away from this game at all costs