So boring and glitchy.

User Rating: 3.5 | Jaws Unleashed PS2
Jaws was the best movie of the 70s. So would this game be awesome? The answer is no. This game woudve been awesome. I mean youre the great white. Who wouldnt want to play as a fearsome and scary hungry shark? Thats the best thing about the game but also the only good thing. First the graphics are rubbish.Underwater theyre fine but on land they look like PS1 graphics. The people look like toys made out of paper and when they talk there mouths dont move. Also the sky looks like a painting. There are also gliches and bugs every like 10 seconds or maybe even less. One of them is seeing other sharks close up but then they dissapear instinly. The controls are fustrating and just painful to get used to. Jaws turns, climbs,and dives very slow and I mean really slow. The camera is just worse. It will make you just scream and break your controller. It moves into places you dont want it to be. For example,when go to the surface,the camera flips upward and you cant see the shark but its dorsal fin. When you dive down it takes like a full second for it to come down. The missions are confusing and feels like youre taking a math test. You would rather free roam than do the missions but the island is very small and you will get bored very fast.This game is not worth 10 dollars or even 5. Only get it if someone gives it to you for free.