What is different? The game or the Movie?

User Rating: 5.5 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game PS3
Fully one of the most long, 3rd person shooting, and action adventure game.
Most of the game offers a huge selection of places to go and a butt load of characters to choose from. Maybe the most entertainment you'll get from this game is shooting and running. that's it.

Many of these game types makes you feel like you've been playing this for years. Old, dole, and for the most part dumb.

Good-An open enviorment, guns work well, the many different vehicals helps you get from point A to B, and the different creatures and the Na've keeps you fighting them.

Bad-Lengthy enviorments, too many flaws and glitches, the game freeze's all most 2-3 hours during gameplay, horrible 3-D effects, too many enemy types, the game looks terrible, and the vehicals have terrible controlls.

whether you agree with me or not, this game is bad including it's ending.
final score, 5.5 not so average.