As seems the trend, A alright movie produces another dismal game.

User Rating: 4 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
I saw this game at my local game store and having watched the movie and enjoyed it, i decided to give the game a chance.
I reached the plot split and decided to be a Na'vi. And then within about 10 hours the game was finished. Over. Done.

As a hardcore gamer I found this game way to easy (as most movie adaptions are) and I have no desire to replay the game as a Human Character. I have no desire to ever play this game again. It was just boring

For a positive, I do love the colours. The emulated the prettiness of the movie well. But other than that, I cannot think of anything I liked about this game.

I mentioned the word plot before, just for a lack of a better word, because the plot is simplistic and doesn't make the game anymore less generic than already is.

I admit this game was in the bargain bin when I brought it and as far as I am concerned, that is were it belongs. If you're a casual gamer, by all means play it, you might find it enjoyable, but as a hardcore gamer, I would stay as far away from this one as I could. It isn't worth the money you pay for it,