James Cameron's Avatar has great graphics, sometimes unresponsive controls, repetitive gameplay & is very short!

User Rating: 6 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game WII
Loved the movie so had to get this game. Overall it was well worth it playing through the approximately 8-9 hours of gameplay.
Controls can be very finicky, especially in the flying levels. Whoever came up with the idea to use the nunchuk to steer the banshee should get shot. Swinging the staff doesn't always do on screen what you want it to do. The best by far is the bow. Works very, very well.
You can upgrade your weapons in several ways using the eywa spirits you collect as currency. This makes the game a bit more fun than just running/flying through the levels. Given that it takes place on Pandora the levels look pretty much the same. Jungle or manmade camps surrounded by jungle. Or you're up in the air trying to dodge helicopters. Those levels are super short though.
The best about the game are the graphics. Some of the best I have seen on the Wii.
Definitely worth playing, but I would rent it as you're easily through the whole thing in just 2 evenings.