Movie= :) Game= Sucks

User Rating: 3.5 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game PS3
I am going to keep this review brief, so you have time to take back the copy of the game.

Avatar was a good movie, with its eye popping special effects, and at least mildly decent storyline.

Avatar the game (unless you have a 3D tv) doesn't have eye popping effects. Without that, you are left with an item searching, boring, ordinary game.

The Pros-
- Na'vis are fun to play as.. for a while.
- The 3D is well done, if you have the equipment.

Thats about it for the pros. I would name all the cons, but that would take too long, so I will stick with the highlights. The vehicles are bad (uninspired), the multiplayer sucks (tacked on), story is decent, but not "good" ( the only thing the game shares with the movie), and it isn't fun ( which can be detemined within five minutes of playing.)

I usually don't give anything below a 5.0, but I will make an exception in this case. Even a 3.5 is pushing it. That said, avoid this game at all costs. And if you already own it, I feel your pain.