I thought the game was really good,especially for a game based on a movie.

User Rating: 9 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
Avatar is according to Gamespot a very terrible game.To me,it's revolutionary in games made after movies.I bought it out of boredom and started to love right away.The gameplay is epic.The storyline is decent.And the graphics are actually not as bad as people seem to think.

The gameplay of Avatar was really cool.The best experiences are the forms of transportation you find throughout the game.Examples include:riding a banshee,controlling an AMP suit,and galloping around on a direhorse.

Graphics of Avatar aren't exactly breathtaking,but they're worth exploring the area for.The best part is the wildlife which you see throughout the game such as Hexapedes,Direhorses,and Thanators.

The story in Avatar was a bit disappointing due to shortness and repeated tasks,but does hint of a sequel.If there is a sequel,I hope it's longer and has better missions to complete.