One of the worst games ever made for Wii.

User Rating: 1 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game WII
This game was not even worth a review... its forced path arcade approach is not the only problem...

It just plain sucks. Boring. Lame. Not even worth a review... just wanted to hopefully save someone from making the mistake of getting it.

I loved the movie... but was not expecting nor wanting this game to live up to the movie... all I wanted was some good ole fashioned great game play. Avatar for wii... is just plain lame. It sucks, its boring, game controls suck, its a really really bad game.

Its not even worth $10... so don't bother buying it in a bargain bin either. All I paid for it was $10 and it was a total waste of money. The used game store will only give $1 for it in trade... so that is a good indication of just how bad this game is.

Did I mention this game is a lame waste of money and time?