Good but far from great

User Rating: 7 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game PS3
In Avatar the game you play as a new recruit to the world of pandora you eventually are forced to decide what side to fight for: The Navi or the RDA . If you deiced to fight for the Navi you play as one of them for the rest of the game if you deiced to fight for the RDA you play as a human soldier. as the game has two parts I think I should rate each one accordingly.

The Navi campaign:
Graphics: One of the best parts of this game is the beautiful landscapes. 9.5/10
Story: The story leaves much to be desired it makes little sense and is very bland 5/10
gameplay: For the navi path the gameplay is very fun. I think I should mention that the NAvi focus primarily on melee weapons (Bows and some guns are aviable) . 8.5/10
controls: For the Navi path the controls are decent not the best but they get the job done 8/10
Total score for the Navi path is 8/10

The RDA campaign:
Graphics: same as Navi path 9.5/10
story: same as Navi path 5/10
Gameplay: The RDA have no melee weapons of any kind and ammo is hard to come by sometimes. 5/10
controls: THe RDA controls are not very good. 5/10

Total score for RDA 6/10

On both campaigns there is a mini game that is a bit like risk.