Not Quite...

User Rating: 5.5 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game WII
For the first, this is not like the PS3 or X-box 360 version.

The Good: Good looking combos. Good graphics. Flying a Banshee can be extremely fun, with Nunckuck and Wii balance board. Good voice acting. Good story.

The Bad: Too short. Can be hard too just attack. Repetitive gameplay. Flying a Banshee can be extremely frustrating with Wii balance board.*

This game is just too boring. The fact that they didn't make the same for all consuls is really a letdown, and this is a different game and story. Plus the gameplay is therefor different. The way you go trough the missions is repetitive. And you will always end up going back for the hidden pickups (there in all of the missions). But those pickups are use full for upgrading your character. A friend can all ways join the game. I haven´t try co-op mode and don´t now what it´s like. That is the game can be fun for people who are big fans of James Cameron: Avatar, because of the story, its a side story of the film. And only one person from the film is appearing, But for gamers who wants too try too feel like a Na´vi its not enough.