In the Na'vi!

User Rating: 5 | James Cameron's Avatar: The Game X360
What is it?

the movie/game tie-in of the successful and controversial james cameron film.

Who's it for?

anybody who saw the movie.

Whats it like?

can get tiresome then become a chore. running through time after time of lush green forest will do that.



my first look and play of this game was at a store last year. i was impressed so thought i would rent the game. avatar does not, however, make a good rental.


targeting is simple whether you are a rda grunt or na'vi warrior... who are ten feet tall. your character can jump. avatar has no cover system.


lush green forests, sky high scapes above you with floating giant rocks where the laws of gravity apply to you but not them? the planet of pandora has greenary almost everywhere making missing variety.


throughout, avatar has music you would hear in almost every other big budget motion picture just grand orchestra with, at times, a horn that sounds off at critical points of the game.


don't rent avatar! avatar is quite a project of a game to complete and you will likely won't have enough time. james cameron's avatar is one of the decent movie cash-ins.